Wedding in Columbus Ohio – Venue

Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life so you need to make sure it is held at the right location and venue. Picking the right location can make a difference in who attends, what is worn at the ceremony and much more.

First, when planning your wedding in Columbus, Ohio, you need to make sure it is in a location that everyone you want in attendance can get to. This does not only concern the distance from all your guests but also how difficult the drive is to get to the venue. Maps on cell phones can give great directions, but also consider any roads that are not marked on the maps as this is where guests can have issues. The Makoy Center, for example, is almost in the middle of Ohio and is a location that is easy to locate. This makes it great for any family in Ohio to travel to or for out-of-state people to fly to.

The style of your venue should be able to complement the theme of the wedding in Columbus Ohio. You need to think what will go best with your wedding and the number of your guests: sunny weather at an outside venue, inside your church, or even at an event center. If you are having a big guest attendance you are probably going to want to have the wedding outside or at event center to accommodate. Great weather can sometimes be tough to plan for so if the wedding is outside you will need to consider what to do if the weather turns rainy. If the weather is very sunny consider telling guests to bring sunglasses and seating them in a direction to not look into the bright sunlight at the ceremony.

This is only few of the things to remember when picking a location for your wedding in Columbus Ohio. The team at the Makoy Center is the best at helping you pick the right day and time for your wedding in Columbus, Ohio and delivering the best venue for your big day!